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"How to rebuild trust with your teen after a messy divorce?"

This week, Kent explains how parents can strengthen trust with their teens by answering this great question:

“How can we assist teens in developing trust (with peers, with parents, with everyone) when trust issues were compromised during a messy divorce and parental disputes?”

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How do I teach a child with ADHD "right from wrong?"

For this week’s “Tips on Teens” Kent tackles how ADD and ADHD effect learning by answering the following question:

How can I teach a child with ADHD the differences between right and wrong?”

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"Should I drug test my teen?"

Today, Kent addresses this very difficult topic about drug testing your teen:

I’m almost 100% sure my teenage son is smoking pot. I am not okay with this but I’m not sure what to do. Should I drug test him? If so, what’s the best way to go about doing it?”

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"What is "420" and what should I do about it?"

This week Kent answers this timely question on smoking pot, “420” and what parents can do about it:

“April 20th is coming up and my teens joke a lot about “420” and it’s pretty concerning. I get that they’re probably just joking but I’m worried since smoking pot seems so common these days. Why is “420” connected to pot smoking and what should I do about this?”

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"How do I get my kid to apologize?"

Today, Kent sheds some light on why some teens can be so unapologetically rude by answering the following question:

“My 14 year old can sometimes be so rude and insensitive.  What’s worse is that he NEVER apologizes to us or his brother or sister no matter how much my husband and I ask him to.  What should I do?”

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"How can I get my daughter to be nicer?"

Today, Kent will be addressing a very common question from a parent:

I have three daughters: 9, 5 and 3. I’m constantly having to yell at my 9 year old because of how mean she is to her younger sisters. Every single time they play together, my oldest starts yelling and screaming at the younger ones. It’s really disruptive. I don’t get it… she’s the oldest and should know better than her younger sisters. How can I get her to be nicer?”

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"Why Is My Kid So Irresponsible?"

In this Tips on Teens video, Kent will be answering the following question about why your teen acts so impulsively all the time:

Ok… seriously nothing my 15-year-old does makes any sense and it’s making me crazy. Don’t get me wrong... I really love my kid and I would LOVE to trust him, but he makes it really hard by acting so selfish all the time. Is this normal? Why can’t he ever take responsibility and do what he says he’s going to do?”

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"Should I Spank My Kids?"

The question for this week has been a very debated parenting topic for countless generations.  Kent weighs in on spanking by answering the following question:

“Is it ok to spank your child? I was spanked when I was a kid, but it seems that we’re in a different time. What else am I supposed to do to get my kid to obey?”

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"Help my kid speak up and do the right thing!"

In light of the tragic shooting in Florida, Kent answers this important question sent by a parent:

“So, unfortunately these days I think it takes a lot of courage for kids to speak up when they notice someone being bullied or something as big as suspecting a potential school shooting.  Here’s my question… How do I help my child feel brave enough to either talk to me or a teacher if she happens to see something like this?”

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Why Won't My Teenager Get His Driver's License?!

Kent weighs in on the following question from a dad in the San Fernando Valley:

Why won’t my teenager get his driver’s license? He’s already 17 and I just don’t understand it. I was desperate to get mine when I was his age!

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How to Overcome Parenting Obstacles in the Modern World

For the very first video blog, Kent answers the following question sent by a parent:

The world of parenting has changed drastically over the years. I have to ask how a parent that wants to raise their child with the right morals, respect and self-control can maneuver all the new obstacles that are out there now? How do we raise our teens in a world where many other parents allow, or just don't seem to care about anything their child does?

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How Much Video Game Time is Too Much? (Part 3)

Clues on Kids #001-C

In our first article of the series we addressed how video games can hinder emotional connection with family and friends. Video games when left unchecked can rob a child of motivation to participate in everyday life by stimulating the brain in ways not otherwise achievable.

Our second article about video games discussed how they can give your child a false sense of power. Online games can create the illusion of friendships and acceptance that interfere with social and emotional development along with inhibit creativity.

In this issue, we’ll talk about how to allow your kids to play video games with reasonable limits and using them to promote more cooperation.

The last two articles made me look at video games in a new and frightening way! Are you trying to tell me that no one should ever play videogames? Will everyone get dragged into this delusional time-suck?

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How Much Video Game Time is Too Much? (Part 2)

Clues on Kids #001-B

In our first article, we addressed how video games can hinder emotional connection with family and friends. Video games when left unchecked can rob a child of motivation to participate in everyday life by stimulating the brain in ways not otherwise achievable.

Today, let’s take a look at one specific feeling that kids get from playing video games: a wonderful feeling of POWER. This sense of power cannot be matched anywhere else in your kid’s real world.

Power? What do you mean Power? How do videogames make my kid powerful?

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How Much Video Game Time is Too Much? (Part 1)

Clues on Kids #001-A

I’ll bet that if you let your kid (and some of you probably do) he would sit in front of his game console, computer screen or handheld device to battle mutant zombies, adventure to far away lands or score acrobatic touchdowns all day long… there would be ZERO complaining! In his ideal world all he needs is a feeding trough and a catheter and he’d never have to leave the couch. Imagine: the ever-present sibling squabbles evaporate into the Internet, there’s quiet in the house, and you can actually get stuff done!

My daughter loves her little games on the tablet. It’s great! While she’s building castles all day, I can get the grocery shopping done, get dinner ready, schedule an appointment with the electrician and finally get that darn tax return ready. It is a win-win situation… right?

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@#$%! Language

Tips on Teens #009

Kids these days… the way they talk. I tell ya, they got no respect. I never spoke that way when I was a kid.  My parents would have smacked me into next Tuesday. Teenagers are so disrespectful nowadays. These @#$%! kids, what are ya gonna do?

Does this sound anything like you? Are you tired of your teen mouthing off and using bad language all the time? Or maybe just some of the time? It can be frustrating and quite unnerving to have your once sweet-innocent child (who it seems only yesterday was still completely enraptured by Elmo and Pooh Bear) now sounds like a drunken sailor on shore leave!

Why does my teenager need to use such awful language?

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