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"Social norms are changing because of technology, but is it good for personal development?"

It's no secret that teens are isolating (at least physically) more and more as a result of electronics and technology. We received a very thought provoking parenting question and Kent will be giving his insight on this matter for this Tips on Teens. Here's the question:

"This current generation of young people is not only okay with identifying as “not liking people,” but it is actually celebrated to be anti social. It’s like a badge of courage to not socialize at all face to face. I’m not saying force kids to get out of the house but... I realize social norms are changing because of technology. But is it good for personal development?"

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"My daughter is about to flunk Algebra 2. How do I get her back on track?"

Dealing with homework and school grades has always been a major point of anxiety and stress for most parents.  This week's Tips on Teens answers a question from a parent who is very worried that her daughter will flunk one of her classes. Here's the question:

"My daughter is a junior in High School and she’s about to flunk Algebra 2.  She’s never had a problem with math before. I’m so stressed out and worried about this I almost can’t even sleep.  She’s been doing very well up until this point and junior year is the most important for college applications.  It’s frustrating me so much because she’s squandering her opportunities to get into a good college.  How do I help her get back on track?"

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"Is there anything I can do to help my son enjoy family time?"

It's not uncommon for teens to despise family gatherings, but what can parents do to help? This week's Tips on Teens addresses a question from a parent whose son is miserable at family get togethers. Here's the question:

"I’m not sure what to do with my son at family get togethers anymore. He was miserable at Thanksgiving with all the family and company over. We have a big family with lots of cousins and friends who come to our house for holidays. Christmas and New Years are around the corner and he is dreading it. He tells me he doesn’t like everyone asking him awkward questions, but I don't get it. His brothers seem to do fine and everyone there loves him. Is there anything I can do to help him enjoy family time or at least not dread it?”

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"What can I do to support my sister's family who lost their house in the fire?"

The recent fires in California have been devastating for many families. We received a very sad question from someone whose sister lost their house in the fire, so for this week’s Tips on Teens Kent offers his advice and help on this timely topic. Here’s the question:

"My sister’s family lost their house yesterday in the Thousand Oaks fire. I feel so bad for them. What can I do to support them?”

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"Am I worrying too much that my daughter is obsessed with Justin Bieber?"

In today’s society, many people become obsessed with celebrities, whether they be actors, singers, youtube stars, or even twitch streamers. Today’s Tips on Teens question comes from a mother who is worried about her daughter’s seemingly unhealthy obsession with Justin Bieber. Kent offers his input on the topic. Here’s the question:

"Am I worrying too much that my 14 year old daughter is obsessed obsessed obsessed with Justin Bieber? It’s seriously not normal. She knows everything about him. She is part of at least 5 different fan groups and a few of them even try to track where he is at all times. She’s asked me to drive her to LAX just for a chance to see him. It’s actually disturbing. It’s a very sensitive topic too… if my husband and I ever try to voice our concerns or ever say no to her crazy requests, she goes berserk, cries, screams, breaks things. We thought she’d grow out of it with age, but it’s been at least 5 years. I’m at a loss…"

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"How do I protect my son from the new crowd that he has glommed onto?"

Many parents worry about the friends their child has and whether or not they are a good or bad influence. This week on Tips on Teens, Kent answers a parent wondering how to protect her son from new friends that she doesn’t seem to like very much. Here’s the question:

"How do I protect my son from the new crowd that he has glommed onto? He started at a new high school and I don’t like his new friends. I’m worried that he is going to get caught up in smoking dope and flunking school."

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"What can we do as parents to help manage our daughter’s school stress and help her not burn out?"

This week’s Tips on Teens addresses a question from a mother who wants a bit more insight into our topic from last segment. She wonders how to help her daughter with the intense amount pressure from school. Kent is here to offer some advice! Here’s the question:

"Thank you for your video the other day about getting kids to understand the importance of school. It struck a cord in me and while my daughter is only eleven, I can see the stress she is already under in middle school to achieve. I don’t want to put a ton of pressure on her, but our school makes it seem like it’s crucial for her to study hard. They put huge emphasis on choosing the right high school and they’ve even started some college prep… in middle school!! What can we do as parents to help her manage the stress and help her not burn out?"

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"How do I get my son to understand the importance of school?"

School and homework are known by many parents to be the source of inevitable arguments and feuds. This week’s Tips on Teens features a parenting question from a mother who has become very frustrated with her son’s performance in school. Here’s the question:

"No matter what we do, our teenage son is not doing well in school. At this point, I’m exhausted because we’ve literally tried everything. We took away his electronics, took away TV, regulated his time with friends, tried to offer allowances for getting better grades… NOTHING WORKS. It’s driving us crazy. It’s almost like he’s getting Cs and Ds just to spite us at this point. How do we get him to understand the importance of school?"

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"Any discussion about politics gets ugly and I feel it’s tearing our family apart. What can we do to get back to sanity?"

Political discussions have a tendency to stir up all sorts of emotions and can get out of hand quickly. It can be even more heated when discussing these topics with family. For this week’s Tips On Teens, Kent will be answering the following parenting question from a mother who is getting tired of the political arguments in her household:

"My husband and two sons used to have great conversations at dinner about politics and current events. With the recent shift in the political climate, any discussion about what’s happening in the news gets ugly and I feel it’s tearing us apart. My husband and I have never agreed politically, but it was never a problem until now. We can barely talk with one another before it gets into why one of us is wrong. My boys are also ideologically opposite and it's causing them to say such awful things to each other. What can we do to get back to sanity?"

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"My daughter wants to go to a hip-hop concert with music we don’t like. Should we let her go?"

This week's Tips On Teens question comes from a mother who is concerned about her daughter’s taste in music. Many parents struggle with this same problem and have no idea how to handle it! Kent is here to give some insight into this topic. Here’s the question:

"My 17 year old daughter wants to go to a concert with friends. The performer is a hip-hop artist, and we don’t like this type of music, both for the lyrics and the content of some of the songs. My daughter argues that just because she and her friends enjoy this music, it doesn’t mean that they will do the things the songs are sometimes about, or use the language that is so prevalent. She has not given us reason to distrust her. I’m honestly torn. It may not be my preference of music I’d like her to listen to, but I know she has to start making decisions for herself and discovering who she wants to be. Any Insight would be appreciated."

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"I’m scared of my son… What can I do about this?"

It's not uncommon for parents to be afraid of their kids. Some are worried about being too strict, while others are simply scared of their kid having a tantrum and breaking things. Kent answers this question from a parent who is afraid of her son and feels like she's lost all sense of control in today's Tips on Teens:

"I'm scared of my son and I feel like a failure. It's just him and me, his father has been out of the picture since he was little. If I say anything about homework, helping out around the house or asking where he is going or who he's with, he goes on a crazy rampage... he'll break stuff, yell, scream, cry. I'm scared to be a parent to him but I'm also scared of what he is turning into. I know that he feels bad about how he is treating me, he cries on my shoulder sometimes and says he hates himself, but the next day it starts all over again. What can I do about this? I've lost all sense of control."

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"How do I stop my daughter from smoking weed?"

Nearly all teenagers these days have tried smoking weed or have friends who smoke weed. Some parents are okay with it while others are not. Kent will be answering the following question from a concerned parent about her daughter’s smoking habits:

"My daughter is smoking weed. She says that since she’s almost 18 that I shouldn’t care. But she has three younger siblings who are being exposed to seeing her high several times a week. How do I stop her from smoking? Should I stop her from smoking?"

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Communication Confidence

You spent hours trying to learn this new way of doing math to help your daughter with her homework. After finally figuring it out… EUREKA! You help her! Unfortunately, she came back from school with a big 60% written in red ink in the corner of her algebra test. Where did it all go wrong? You spent way too many hours to only come up with a 60%! So, you tell your daughter to march back into school tomorrow and ask the teacher why.

When you pick her up from school the next day, your immediate question is “What did your teacher say?” All you get is a defeated shrug. “Didn’t you ask him?” Her long pause is amplified by her hood pulled tightly about her face. The only thing you get from her is a dejected, “I don’t know.”

What happened? Well, you asked a lot from your teen and she wasn’t able to deliver.

What do you mean I asked a lot? I worked my butt off only to get a 60% and deserve to know why. Besides, it’s not that hard to ask her teacher a question. That’s what teachers are there for.

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"I hate my son’s girlfriend... Please help!"

It’s not uncommon for parents to dislike their teen’s significant other. This week, Kent answers a question from a mother who is fed up with her son’s manipulative girlfriend. Here’s the question:

"I hate my son’s girlfriend! He has turned into a totally different person since they started dating. He has always been such a nice, sweet boy and now he is a jerk to the rest of the family. She manipulates him 24/7. If he doesn’t spend all his attention on her, she guilts him by threatening to hurt herself, so now he won’t spend any time with us. I feel like I’m losing my son. Please help!"

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"Should I let my kids decide on the custody schedule during a divorce?"

Divorce can be hard for everyone involved. For this week’s “Tips on Teens” video blog, Kent will answer the following question from a mother who is in the process of getting divorced and is wondering whether her kids should be involved in the decisions regarding custody schedules:

"My husband and I are going through a divorce but we can’t seem to come to terms on a custody schedule. We have three teenage girls and I want to make sure I’m doing what’s best for them. Some of my friends tell me I should let my kids decide on the custody schedule, but I’m not sure that’s a good idea. How do we figure out custody without upsetting our girls anymore than they already are?"

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