"My daughter is getting mean texts from her so-called friend. What do I do?"

How do you balance respecting your teen’s social independence while making sure they’re respecting themselves? Is it your job as a parent to give input on who they hang out with? Today’s Tips On Teens question comes from a parent who’s trying to look out for their daughter without micromanaging her social life:

“I saw some really mean texts from my daughter’s ‘friend’ pop up on her phone. The texts were about her weight and her looks. To me, they sounded like the words of a bully, not a friend. But my daughter brushed me off and said it’s fine. I don’t want to be controlling of her social circle, but I am genuinely concerned that this ‘friendship’ will hurt my daughter in the long run. What do I do?”


Blog #110: "My daughter is getting mean texts from her so-called friend. What do I do?"


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