The Parent Workshops

When and where is the next Parent Workshop?

Friday, September 15th, 2017 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the offices of Teen Therapy Center in Woodland Hills.



Who are The Parent Workshops for?

The Parent Workshop is open to all parents, but space is limited to the first ten participants who register by sending in their Payment and Consent Form.

ATTENTION: Due to popular demand, The Parent Workshop on September 15th will have a unique focus on addressing and answering questions about kids and their use of video games, social media, and screen time! Don't miss out on this one time opportunity to share your thoughts with other parents and get your questions answered!

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What are The Parent Workshops like?

At Teen Therapy Center we KNOW it's tough being a parent, especially if you have a teenager! The Parent Workshop is all about creating a safe, non-judgemental place where parents can come together and feel heard, relate with one another, share their thoughts and finally get those tough parenting questions answered... You know what I'm talking about - that relentless worrying that keeps you up at night!  

This special version of The Parent Workshop will provide that safe environment for parents concerned about issues related to video games, social media, and screen time. Anybody is welcome but this group is specifically designed for parents who are hoping to share with others in similar situations and learn how to better handle the stress of an age where kids and teens have constant access to phones, tablets, video games, social media, and so on.

A few of the many questions we hear from parents dealing with their kids and screen time are:

  • My son is CONSTANTLY on his phone... checking facebook, watching youtube, listening to music, and who knows what else!  I don't mind him being on his phone from time to time, but this is getting completely out of hand.  It feels like he's not even on the same planet as us anymore.
  • I am pretty sure my daughter is addicted to video games. If she's not at school or soccer practice, she's on her computer. She doesn't socialize with anyone except for her virtual "friends" who play the same games as her.  I'm seriously concerned and stressed out because she's becoming more and more irritable whenever she's not "plugged in."
  • All my teen seems to care about is how many "likes" she has on instagram, facebook, and whatever other social media platform she's using.  To be honest, I can't even keep track of all of them. This scares me to death, because her mood and self-esteem are totally dependent on how random people react to her posts and pictures. What do I do?!
  • I recently had to take away my son's Xbox because he is failing his classes and becoming very disrespectful and disobedient. As soon as I took away his console, he yelled all sorts of things about how much he hates us and how he'll kill himself if we don't let him play.  I'm shocked and terrified and I have NO clue what to do... HELP!

The format is an open discussion. When you bring your questions, you'll leave with practical solutions that you can implement right away. The goal is for you to gain effective strategies to address your concerns, either the new ones cropping up or those unresolvable ones that keep you up at night. We will help you to design an approach to parenting that resonates with you so that you can learn to be the best parent that you want to be.

The Parent Workshop is both fun and informative. Learn more about:

  • Better communication strategies
  • How to keep your cool when your kid doesn't
  • How to prepare yourself for the challenges that still await you
  • Finding your strengths as a parent so you can confidently guide your child through life's ups and downs

Contact Us

Contact Us For More InformationIf you’d like to speak with our Clinical Director, Kent Toussaint, in more detail about The Parent Workshop, feel free to give him a call at 818.983.7728. He’s always happy to take your call.