Group Therapy

What is group therapy?

Group therapy is a dynamic and interactive approach for emotional healing. For teenagers and pre-teens, it can be especially effective because so much of an adolescent’s emotional development is affected by how, when, or even if they feel connected to others. Instead of meeting with a counselor for individual or family therapy, a pre-teen or teenager is welcomed into one of our groups as an equal. Although these groups are facilitated and guided by one of our therapists, it is really the group as a whole who drives the interaction. During the session, they are encouraged to explore who they are, who they want to become, and safely challenge questions or issues that come up during this tumultuous period of their lives. This all happens with great excitement, bravery, or sometimes with trepidation. In any case, they are stretching their comfort levels with the knowledge that they are supported by their peers.

What groups are currently available at Teen Therapy Center?

Presently, at Teen Therapy Center, we offer two support groups:

The Guys' Group   

teen guys having fun and connecting group therapy

The Guys' Group is for boys in high school who want to strengthen their self-esteem and develop more confidence within social settings. This is not just another boring class to attend. Instead, it is an exciting and dynamic process group where anything and everything is on the table to discuss. The Guys' Group is the place where guys get to open up and talk about things that they may not be comfortable talking about with their school friends and maybe not even their family. A positive male role model from our staff facilitates these in-depth and though-provoking conversations. These discussions are guided toward fun and challenging dialogues that your son may not otherwise be exposed to in his daily routine. If you're interested in getting some more information, please contact us to learn more about how The Guys' Group can specifically benefit your pre-teen or teenage son.

The Guys' Group - High School

  • Facilitated by Kent Toussaint, M.A. L.M.F.T. L.P.C.C.
    Clinical Director at Teen Therapy Center
  • Meets every Wednesday from 5:00pm - 6:30pm

Living OUT Loud

LGBT Support group holding Living Out Loud sign with rainbow pride theme

"Living OUT Loud" is a high school aged group where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Individuals, as well as those questioning their sexual orientation/identity can come together and speak openly.  The group not only serves as a support system for a unique culture, but an informative place where members can openly discuss civil rights, coming out, sexual health, and day to day teenage angst.  The group's direction will heavily rely on what each member is ready for and members will have the opportunity to discuss current events in the LGBT community.  Most importantly, the group will be a place where members can laugh, love, and grow; with the hope of self-empowerment, and relief from every day teenage stress.  If your teen can benefit from this supportive environment during this time in his or her life, please contact us to learn more about how Living OUT Loud can help.

Living OUT Loud

  • Facilitated by Catherine Barrett, Psy.D.
    Staff Psychologist
  • Meets every Thursday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm



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Contact Us For More InformationIf you have more questions about how any of the groups at Teen Therapy Center may benefit your family, we welcome you to get in touch with us. We are happy to answer your questions