Stephen Watson

Stephen Watson, office administrator

Stephen Watson, M.A.

Operations Coordinator

Stephen is a vital member of the team at Teen Therapy Center.  He works behind the scenes in order to ensure that our clients and staff are well supported.

In addition to having an administrative skill set, Stephen graduated at the top of his class from National University where he received a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Counseling.  He then went on to work at a nonprofit counseling center as a Therapist to those in need for nearly three years.  His understanding of mental health and counseling is a major strength that allows him to effectively communicate with parents needing administrative assistance here at Teen Therapy Center.

Stephen’s friendly and patient nature makes him very approachable.  One thing is certain; he will always do his best to resolve and find a workable solution to any question that a family at Teen Therapy Center may encounter.  

Stephen’s personal interests include:  volleyball, video games and talking about psychology or philosophy.  Lastly and most importantly, Stephen hopes to hone his gardening skills by continuing to keep the many Teen Therapy Center plants alive!

Contact Us

If you’d like to contact Stephen directly, feel free to give him a call at (818) 269-0557.
or email him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .