Dr. Liam Barrett


Dr. Liam Barrett

Therapy Dog and Cultural Conoisseur

Liam is a highly accomplished canine art and film critic. He has a dog-torate in film and media studies, with a focus on postmodernist cinema, from NYU. Liam wrote his dissertation on how the landscape of contemporary film has irrevocably changed with the advent of streaming platforms. He is especially interested in exploring the way today’s films manifest the tense dichotomy between anguish and joy in an increasingly automated world.

He enjoys David Lynch films, and occasionally goes for Rob Eggers’ work as well. However, Liam feels Lynch’s oeuvre presents a grittier reality more in line with humanity’s inherent darkness. He is a Twin Peaks fanatic and collects bacon-patterned socks.

Liam has a loft apartment in Brooklyn, but spends most of his time at his Calabasas residence. You can find him at the corner cafe, drinking nitro cold brew and working on his next book project: Digital Feminisms in Mumblecore Media. In his leisure time, Liam writes confessional poetry (of the Plath or Sexton variety) and crafts artisanal kibble bowls.

He is descended from an illustrious canine clan comprised of Italian greyhounds and Italian sighthounds.

Liam is also an avid foodie.

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If you wish to contact Dr. Liam, you'll have to give his research assistant, Dr. Barrett, a call at (818) 203-5067 or email him This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .