Kayvon Babakan

Kayvon Babakan, staff therapist and teen counselor

Kayvon Babakan, M.A. L.M.F.T.

Staff Therapist

Kayvon focuses his energy in providing the safest environment for his clients to comfortably explore their lives and grow as individuals. He enjoys working with a wide array of diverse clientele, especially with kids, teens and young adults to whom he offers a unique understanding due his strong connection to youth culture. Therapy with Kayvon involves challenging yourself and growing as a whole person in every aspect of life.

One of Kayvon's passions is the love of sports in which he personally excelled in football, basketball and volleyball. Prior to college, he was involved with the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club to provide safe outlets for at-risk youth. For many years, he coached team sports of volleyball, basketball, flag football, and soccer to boys and girls from ages 5-17. This experience has greatly helped him better understand both the benefits and the struggles that athletics place on young people and their families.  Many families underestimate the stress/pressure that comes with organized sports, but it can show itself through mood-swings, trouble focusing, isolation and sadness. Kayvon has the ability to see the underlying issues and bring them to the forefront of the family system for everyone to grow.

Kayvon is also a fluent Farsi speaker and can seamlessly conduct therapy sessions in both English and Farsi.  Kayvon’s understanding of the middle-eastern cultural dynamics helps ease families into the idea of therapy.  Sometimes children growing up in multiple culture households can feel unheard and riddled with anxiety.  Kayvon’s soft approach and personal experience helps increase the family communication, boundaries and healthy connections. 

After attending and graduating from University of California, San Diego, Kayvon chose the career closest to his heart where he could truly help people in need and obtained his Masters in Psychology from Phillips Graduate Institute and has been working tirelessly ever since.  Shortly after grad school, Kayvon started as a Marriage and Family Therapist intern at Teen Therapy Center under Kent’s supervision, now he is one of our licensed staff therapists. 

Aside from being a part of Teen Therapy Center, Kayvon has worked at Aurora Las Encinas Hospital as the Lead Therapist and Drug Treatment Counselor in their residential treatment facility.  Kayvon currently works at the hospital per-diem to focus more of his time at Teen Therapy Center.  Kayvon is adept at helping teens and families struggling with addiction… just remember you are not alone.

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If you’d like to contact Kayvon directly, feel free to give him a call at (818) 590-2181
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