Dr. Catherine Barrett

Catherine Barrett, staff psychologist for teens, children, and families

Catherine Barrett, Psy.D.

Staff Psychologist

Dr. Barrett’s passion lies in helping others achieve a healthy, well-balanced life. She is especially dedicated to working with survivors of abuse; primarily, emotional abuse related to Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality Disorder. Dr. Barrett's youthful spirit and insightful nature assists in building a safe relationship with her clients as they learn to identify what happened to them, reduce the effects of trauma, and rebuild their lives.

She has evaluated and treated those diagnosed with severe personality disorders and has extensive experience helping clients navigate sexual orientation and gender identity, anxiety, and substance abuse related issues. Dr. Barrett is eclectic and diverse in her practice, endorsing both a treatment and assessment skill base.

After completing her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California in 2009, Dr. Barrett earned a Doctorate of Clinical Forensic Psychology from California School of Forensic Studies at Alliant International University. She completed her education in 2014 and spent one year working on her pre-doctoral internship at the San Francisco Forensic Institute. Dr. Barrett’s academic work focused on clinical treatment, forensic evaluations, and assessment. 

In addition to providing therapy, Dr. Barrett administers psychological assessments and evaluations right here at Teen Therapy Center.  Her warm and down-to-earth personality allows for both a comfortable and professional approach to testing.  Dr. Barrett understands that assessments may seem daunting; therefore, she makes an effort to connect with both the client and the parent(s) throughout the entire process in order for everyone to feel at ease. To learn more about these evaluations, head over to our Psychological Assessments page.

Outside of her profession, Dr. Barrett is an advocate for animal rights and has donated her time to various shelters and organizations. She has two registered emotional service dogs who love to help her young clients feel comfortable, if and when the timing is appropriate. Dr. Barrett loves to stay active by playing soccer, practicing Krav Maga, Cross-fit, and kickboxing.


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If you wish to contact Dr. Barrett directly, you’re welcome to give her a call at  (818) 203-5067.
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