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Teen Therapy Center, A Marriage And Family Counseling Professional Corporation

Teen Therapy Center Mission Statement

Our mission at Teen Therapy Center is to help your teen and your family live happier lives. We help sort through all types of crises from painful, everyday struggles to traumatic, life-changing events – all of which can paralyze families from moving forward and can be the cause of a great divide amongst family members. We understand how past decisions, personality differences, or unhealthy (emotional or physical) habits can be challenging to overcome without the guidance of a counselor. We don't want to just help you... our mission is to help you help yourself so that you can continue to live your life at its best.


What kind of therapists work at Teen Therapy Center?

We are a team of counselors who really love our jobs. Our education, training, experience and most importantly, our passion for this profession allow us to create a unique healing environment. Our goal is to compassionately develop healthy, trusting, therapeutic relationships with our clients. This generates opportunities to address personal growth through many different creative techniques.

Are you sure you can work with my teenager?

We believe we can. Every person is different and has his/her own individualized needs. However, Teen Therapy Center has a staff of motivated and caring professionals who dedicate themselves to reaching out to your teenager and creating a safe and comfortable environment for him or her to grow and mature into a healthy adult.

What separates Teen Therapy Center from other mental health professionals?

We know how to speak your kid's language... whether your child is four, fourteen or twenty-four. We understand how kids think. Our extensive training, diverse education, and wide range of clinical experience all influence how we interact with our clients. Equally important, we all remember being young, how we felt as adolescents, and how we looked at the world. We can help your teenager and we can help your family.

Does Teen Therapy Center work with people of other ages or just teenagers?

While a big focus of what we do is helping teenagers, we treat clients of all ages. Adolescence is a very long, complex transition from childhood to adulthood, starting somewhere around age 11 and ending around age 25. (Click here to read about adolescent brain development.) We are effective counselors because we understand where teenagers come from, where they currently are and where they are going – developmentally, emotionally, and psychologically. That understanding also grants us the ability to connect well with younger children along with young adults. We also work with grown adults who struggle with the stresses of careers, kids, mortgages, personal issues, and, well... life. We often spend time with the entire family to help them learn how to work together to strengthen emotional bonds, improve communication or perhaps grieve the loss of a loved one. The counselors at Teen Therapy Center are adept at assisting both individuals and families through the tough times.

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