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  • April 2016

    Will Your Teen Celebrate 420?

    Kent Toussaint

    Tips on Teens #029

    April 20th is just around the corner! HURRAY!!! Are you ready to celebrate this very popular holiday? Is your house decorated? Do you have the appropriate holiday music playing?...

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  • August 2015

    @#$%! Language

    Kent Toussaint

    Tips on Teens #009

    Kids these days… the way they talk. I tell ya, they got no respect. I never spoke that way when I was a kid.  My parents would have smacked me into next Tuesday. Teenagers are...

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  • July 2015

    Self-Reliance Through Peanut Butter and Jelly

    Kent Toussaint

    Clues on Kids #010

    A new school year is already just around the corner.  Your child is in the midst of…

    Wait just a minute, Sir! You’re already thinking about the new school year? Summer JUST...

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